National Resources and Reserves Reporting Committee

What is UMREK?

UMREK, which has long been considered among the authorities in the mining sector and finally become a law, appears to have positive impact on the mining sector. Nevertheless, it has so far failed to prevent to raise question marks in minds. Therefore, We as “Mining Turkey Magazine” in an effort to clarify the subject in consultation with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, have made evaluations below.

Mining both poses major risks and has high initial investment costs. Therefore, it tends to experience difficulty in encouraging investment. It is of great importance to explore, evaluate and exploit our minereal resources employing scientific and reliable methods.

In order to achieve this, We require to maintain international standards within the developed countries and produce, report and archive data in accordance with these standards to be used by investors on demand. From the mining aspect, in all the developed countries, These standards are set by independent commissions or committees.

As demonstrated below, there are examples of commissions and committees in various countries, such as: JORC CODE (Joint Ore Reserve Committee) in Australia, NI43-101 (CIM) in Canada, (Comision Minera) in Chile, PERC (Pan European Reporting Committee) in the EU, NAEN in Russia, SAMREC (South African Mineral Committee) in South Africa, MPIGM (The Mongolian Professional Institute of Geosciences and Mining) in Mongolia, SME (The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration) in the USA, CBRR (Brazilian Comission For Resources & Reserves) in Brazil and KAZRCA (Kazakhstan Association of Public Reporting on Resources and Reserves) in Kazakhstan.
CRIRSCO (Committee For Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards) has created an international reporting format considering the standards of the countries stated above, in an effort to provide data on mineral resources, reserves and exploration in mostly accordance with national reporting codes and standards, and to offer public access to the information in an efficient and accurate manner.
CRIRSCO, in accordance with its members’ objectives and strategies, provides an international platform to contribute to developing reliable and accurate international reporting standards and bringing national standards into conformity with those international standards.CRIRSCO, which serves in intetrnational mining sector including professional organizations, mining companies,  finance companies, accountants, organisers and shareholders, is a consulting body at a national level with no legitimate power. (
For the first time in Turkey, National Reporting Standards have been set on Apr 24, 2012. A letter of intent has been signed between CRIRSCO and MIGEM (General Directorate of Mining Affairs), and in accordance with CRIRSCO codes, efforts to set national level standards are in process by the commission UMREK (Reserve an Resource Reporting Commission on National Mineral Deposits) founded according to the article 14 of law no: 3123 and the article 38 of bill no: 6745 “Investment Supports based on Projects and Law Amending some Laws and Decree Laws” published on Sep 7, 2016 in the official gazette no: 29824.
The principal aim of UMREK is to make arrangements in an effort to reduce risks for investors in mining sector. UMREK intends to achieve international standards in conformity with national standards on clear and reliable reports concerning drilling, analysis and tests in mining sector. Such commissions involves organizations dealing with mining and geology as well as banks, marketing and financial organizations. UMREK, as in other countries, will have representatives from financial sectors, banks, NGO’s, markets, Capital Market Boards, and they will contribute to help set standards from the economy aspect. In Turkey, such reportings are carried out by internationally qualified experts. Our engineers are trained abroad to acquire certifications and after that may have authority to sign. With this system and national standards, our engineers will be trained and national level standards will be established which provide low costs, more reliable and efficient national workforce, and low cost expertise services.
Training Courses and certificates given by UMREK to our own engineers will encourage new investments in Turkey. Moreover, UMREK will take control over the activities of our expert engineers who become competent. Those who are competent will be under strict supervision an be encouraged to improve their knowledge. The aim here is not to put obstacles to those who already have diplomas in engineering but to help them specialize in particular subjects. In addition, with these international certificates, engineers will have authority to sign projects all around the world. Arrangements by UMREK will give rise to trust in the sector and contribute to new investments. Zero risk is not possible to achieve in any sector. UMREK exist to decrease risk factors in mining sector and let projects to find financial support. In order to find credit and financial support, projects need to have data based on reliable, clear standards. UMREK will set these standards.

  • Credibility and working conditions with scientific standards required in the sector will be provided.
  • Internationally improved standards will be given to the sector.
  • Easy access to reliable and clear data will be provided.
  • Investment will be encouraged and also, costs will be reduced in reliable reporting.
  • More and more expert engineers will acquire international recognition.
  • Our certified experts will have the ability to carry out projects abroad, therefore, new opportunities for employment at home and abroad will be provided.

Considering all the interviews and research we do as Mining Turkey, If this system is fulfilled in line with its aims and objectives, We believe that it will boost the mining sector in Turkey and our engineers will have the opportunity to gain international recognition and have a voice in international mining sector.