National Resources and Reserves Reporting Committee

Second UMREK workshop was held between 25-26 August 2017

The 1st UMREK Workshop which will provide significant contributions to the development of the mining industry was held in between 26-27 January 2017. About 7 months later a second workshop was organized by UMREK in General Directorate of Mining Affairs (MİGEM) and General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) with the national and international valuable participants and expert speakers on 25-26 August 2017 regarding the UMREK structure and the progression was held. In this workshop, how the process UMREK was handled, information about the status of membership to CRIRSCO, the information on the UMREK Code Reporting Standards and the related developments were explained.

The establishment of the UMREK system will ensure the credibility of the Mineral Reserve data with the certification of the Competent Persons who will be the responsible for the Mineral Reserve reports to be obtained as a result of the mining activities. A Mineral Resource and Reserve Reporting Standards will be established that can be recognized and relied on by financial institutions. These standards will allow investors to create a delicate, transparent and qualified investment environment in the field of mining.

In this workshop, former CRIRSCO Chairman Dr.Harry PARKER (USA), Roger DIXON (RSA), Bat-Erdene DASH (Mongolia), Saule URAZAYEVA (Kazakhstan), and Felipe Holzhackher ALVES (Brazil) attended to the workshops on the contribution to the development of a reporting Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves of Turkey that is compatible of CRIRSCO International Reporting Template and the activities of UMREK which has been established soon.