National Resources and Reserves Reporting Committee


Accurate determination of reserves and quality of mineral resources and ore deposits requires  provision of sufficient data. In other words,  classification and determination of mineral resources depends heavily on the quality and  quantity of relevant data.
Exploration and field studies on mineral deposits and the evaluation process relies on not only the volume and tonnage, but also physical, chemical, geological, mineralogical, technical, technological, economical, legal, environmental and social characteristics of the deposits and the combination of all data provided in an effort to accurately determine the reserves of  mineral deposits. Mining Industry poses major economical risks caused by the difficulties in estimation of the quality and quantity of mineral deposits. Despite the risks involved, it has great potential for investment. Reduction of the risks involved depends mostly on scientific and technological work in every stages of the exploration.
The reporting and documentation process of all the data provided during every stages of exploration should be carried out in the accredited labs in accordance with international standards by qualified technical staff,  which is or great importance, in a global world and free market economy, for engineers, planners, miners, investors and finance organizations.
Due to an increase in international trade and mining investments, an urgent need arises for the international standard classification of reserve/resource. There are currently a wide variety of classifications of reserve/resource used throughout the world (JORC, PERC etc.)
Projections and development plans based on reliable mining inventory data will give rise to sustainable development in economy and mining. Investors and enterpreneurs will have to determine their investment risks through classifications based on reliable resources. Therefore, determination and the classification of naturally occured mineral deposits are of great importance. The minimum standards for reporting and publicity of production of mineral deposits and exploration process are determined by UMREK system which has the following benefits:

  • The reliability of the data collected during mining activities and its monitoring will be provided.
  • Opportunities for domestic and foreign investors based on reliable data will be provided.
  • The evaluation, management and planning of our natural resources will be provided.
  • Accurate reporting of mining activities, development, classification of technical qualities of the staff and their training will be provided.

UMREK (National Resources and Reserves Reporting Comittee) was founded with the aim of reliable reporting of mineral exploration and exploitation activities in accordance with international standards according to the article 14 of law no: 3123 and the article 38 of omnibus bill no:6745 “Investment Supports with Projects and Law Amending some Laws and Decree Laws” published on Sep 7, 2016 in the official gazette no: 29824.

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